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Our websites use cookies, tags and pixels to enhance your experience and to improve our websites and services.

What are cookies, tags and pixels?

These things are tiny pieces of data transferred from a server to your browser when you visit a website.

If your browser is set to accept cookies, they will be stored in the browser until their expiration date is reached or until you delete the cookies yourself.

You can enable or disable cookies by changing your cookies settings for our websites below, or by modifying the cookies settings in your browser.

What cookies, tags and pixels do we use?

Do all our websites use the same cookies?

No, uses all the cookies listed below, while only uses Strictly necessary cookies and Analytics cookies.


Strictly necessary cookies

Necessary cookies enable core functionality for our websites. The websites cannot function properly without these cookies, and they can only be disabled by changing your browser preferences.

Provider Description Details
Civic This cookie checks if website visitors already set their cookie control preferences on our websites. CookieControl = 90 days


Performance cookies

Performance cookies enhance the usage of our websites. If these cookies are disabled, certain functionalities of our websites will not work.

Provider Description Details
Drift These cookies help us identify website visitors to provide them with relevant information in the chat bot on our website. Read more about Drift’s privacy practices at: driftt_aid
= 2 years


Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies help us to improve our websites by collecting and reporting information on their usage.

Provider Description Details
Google Analytics We use these cookies to collect information about how visitors use our websites, including details of the site where the visitor has come from and if a visitor has been to our website before. The cookies do not identify you personally, instead they collect information in an anonymous and aggregated form. Read more about Google Analytics’ privacy practices at: _ga = 2 years
_gid = 1 day
_gat = 1 minute
AMP_TOKEN = 30 seconds to 1 year
_gac* = 90 days


Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies use information about your browsing activities on our and other websites to provide relevant content and advertisements from us.

Provider Description Details (name + duration)
Facebook This cookies is used to measure the performance of our Facebook adverts. Read more about Facebook’s privacy practices at: fr = 90 days
G2 Crowd This cookie makes it possible for website visitors to see our current G2 Crowd rating. __cfduid = 1 year
Google CLID This cookie helps us measure the performance of our adverts on other pages (e.g. on IAPP). __gads = various
LinkedIn We use the LinkedIn insight Tag to measure the performance of our LinkedIn adverts. Read more at lidc = 1 day
bcookie = 1 year
bscookie = 1 year
L1c = Session
BizoID = 6 months
BizoData = 6 months
BizoUserMatchHistory = 6 months
BizoNetworkPartnerIndex = 6 months
Pardot These cookies are used to analyze what and how visitors use our website for marketing purposes. Read more about Pardot’s privacy practices at: pi_opt_in
Twitter These cookies are used to measure the performance of our Twitter adverts. Read more about Twitter’s privacy practices at: _twitter_sess
= various
Wistia These cookies are used to analyze how visitors watch our videos on our website. Read more about Wistia’s privacy practices at: muxData = Session
__distillery = 1 year

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